Following are original songs recorded by the Green Wanderer. Some songs (with trap drums) feauture the Universal Envoy

Truth's Perspective

If you could live a lie and tell it as a life to live
And so they can base their lives on it all
Nothing but a fairy tale
Face the facts, are you for sale?

Never in my life would I think there were nothing after life
From the things I was told
Brainwashed, it's an ancient natural trend
Time to stand and deal with reality

Is is really true? It can't be wrong
Mourning broken nothing, soon its you

I need Info but I'm wanting Foe

Survive (Let Me Go)


So many people had to die
Because of nature’s will
She said it was too much...
Stop Looting...polluting
Or else I’ll take this sacrifice

Though I really really miss you
I do understand eventually we all have to go

You let me go, though I really loved you so
I know that we’ll carry on

Survive…I know that no one can
Run and Hide

I had gotten stuck in between two worlds
With no chance at first to jump back

But as the sound got louder
And dreams shifted reality
The transistion came…
Though it was a rough and bumpy ride

Time to move on
As so, we’ll stay strong…
…I know that we’ll carry on and…


Inevitable Tragedy

I'm going on over to her side
Bound for a bumpy train ride
If I swallow all of my pride
Will you do the same for me?
Will you keep me company?
For sake of inevitable tragedy

I can see that I've been mistaken
How my heart is aching
Don't want no more part of this game
Must I reevaluate
Destiny or is this fate?
For sake of inevitable tragedy..

Indulge (hip hop cut)

'dern taang tua loak payayam haa sing sueng look sueng lao nun, sing sueng saak sit bung

(Travel the world in search of something more grand, something more sacred)

She's been gone too long, much too long

'sing mai kue tee ra luek tum hai neuk tueng adeet, thae gep wai kung nai leua gern ga therb thoe ying keung'

(Something new is a souvenir to the past but it was supressed inside so much, it only grew)

ter mai yuu naan laew, naan naan laew


You know I'm singing my heart today
I'm giving up all kinds of things
To live in my my mind now

You know no one can take your place
I would never disgrace
This name you have boxed here

*Where are the people longing for eachother?
Whoa man, I can't believe-women co-decieve

And so I hope the plane don't delay
Catch this flight to relay
Your heart of gold

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Subconscious (hip hop)

I don't mind, you can take your time...

For You (American Verse : Key of G)

When it's over
I feel closer...
To you....I'll wait for you....for you....for you!

Some of the wild hair during the Musical Union (munion) epode in the high-school days.

The Wanderer along with the Envoy jammin in the basement

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